PO Deborah Shuttle Bus

Deborah Shuttle Bus

If we're googling by typing the keyword "Deborah", who would emerge first is Deborah Gibson, singer from the United States in the days of yore. But, Deborah's what I mean is powerful, agile and full of stories. What I mean is P.O. (Company Otobus) Deborah, with ornate purple bus green line, which routed the Depok-Lebak Bulus.

Deborah bus is divided into two types, Deborah with Air-Conditiner buses routes Depok-Kali Deres via Pondok Indah and non-AC buses Deborah routes Depok-Lebak Bulus via Fatmawati. What will I tell you this, specifically about non-AC Deborah.

PO Deborah

This bus can be said is rarely in the size of the fleet, but demand a lot. So what happens is among the crush of passengers on the bus. Do not expect to to a seat on the bus Deborah, except ride from the terminal. Because this bus will be slow once to look for passengers as fully as possible. And between one bus to another bus, has a scheduled departure long enough. In such a bus the size of Deborah, one can say if the passengers had fully twice the actual capacity of the bus.

That said, this Deborah monopolize the bus route. Because of the past until now only this bus that routes Lebak Bulus-Depok. In 2002, Deborah also had to raise bus rates from Rp.1.200, - became Rp.1.500, - without the permission of the Regional Government of DKI Jakarta. Compared with other bus, the bus Deborah indeed seem to be exclusive because the pricing is expensive (currently Rp.4000, -), but in reality this is very classy bus condition of the economy. If you boarded this bus, look at the roof of the bus, the pole grip, and the passenger seat, all the objects in it look worn and in need of improvement here and there. 

Although the windows covered with curtains of purple, pink, or green, and an additional several other ornaments such as wall clocks, lace, stickers, plastic flowers, all of them still can not save the state of the rickety bus and dull.


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Deborah Shuttle Bus

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